96 days and counting …

Despite summer having well and truly arrived in the UK, it’s now 96 days since I was last on a bike (see the post here).

Circumstances well beyond my control have seen to that. It had been a pretty slow start to the biking year due to shoulder surgery, and just when the physio and recovery were seeming to be well under way I went and fractured my left knee but at long last the opportunity to get back on a bike is almost here.

Some restricted movement means that the first bike I get on will be the Kawasaki Vulcan (the forward controls make for an easier knee angle).

With that in mind I plan to get away for a few days just as soon as I can – I wrote in my previous post about having to cancel planned European trips and its gong to be the first time for about 16 years of so that I haven’t done a euro’ trip on a bike!

All things being equal and that includes the weather then I’ll probably head for the west coast of Scotland or maybe Wales – I don’t really mind I’ll just be happy to get back on two wheels.

The propsect of getting back on a bike and getting away – did prompt me to get the panniers down from the attic this evening and get them fitted to the bike.

It also reminded me just how quick and easy it is to get the Shad SH23s fitted and what a decent and good value bit of kit they are.

In all, it probably took about 15 minutes to get the bars and panniers fitted – just three bolts either side and the job is done.

As my first trip will be a solo one I didnt bother putting the pillion seat, rack and rear bag on – all I need now is some continued rehab, some good weather and then I’ll be off.


My lack of bike time and ‘not on two wheels frustration’ also prompted me to take the opportunity of having a bit of a tidy in the garage (two full bags of junk to the tip) and to get a couple of pictures on the wall.

I just need to keep my fingers crossed that summer hasn’t departed the UK by the time I throw a leg across the bike.



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