wandering around europe – part 4

Wandering around Europe – part 4

In my previous trip post I wrote about riding along the Dalmatian Coast, past Dubrovnik and onto the pretty seaside town of Cavtat.

I stayed in Cavtat for one night before heading back up the coast and then into the mountains – my destination was the small town of Ubdina in the Lika region of Croatia.

Hot in Croatia

It was to be another day of fine riding, although it was a pretty hot one. To deal with the intense temperature I left my accommodation in Cavtat around 06:30am – the ride along the coast was just wonderful.

After leaving I initially took the road that runs high above Dubrovnik before dropping down to the coast for a few miles and then turning away to my right to head a little further inland and into the hills and mountains.

After the war

I ended up taking a road that was pretty good and that ran more or less parallel with the Bosnia & Herzegovina border and probably for the most part about five miles inside Croatia. Although I enjoyed the largely empty roads it was sad to see crumbling buildings of all descriptions and the  small villages that were deserted and left to waste, I assume a legacy of the Balkan wars, there were plenty of memorials and markers along the way to mark those who had fallen in the conflicts.

There really were some sumptuous views along the route I took and more than I can ever include in a series of Blog posts. With good roads, wonderful blue sky and glorious sunshine it all made for a good day.

I stopped at a roadside grill around 2pm or so and ended up dancing on a metal grid with a little Croatian girl – it was one of those special moments from what was rapidly becoming one of my favourite bike trips.

After that it was onto the small town of Ubdina with it’s beautiful white church – the Church of Croatian Martyrs that was in honour of the people who died in the Battle of Krbava (1493).

The Pink Panther …

How could I not book into somewhere called the Guest house Pink Panther?

All in all it had a been a fine day and the Pink Panther guest house provide an excellent and comfortable nights rests

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