out and about on the BMW F800R …

Another day with the prospect of dry weather saw me roll the F800 out of the garage for a few hours.

I’ll wait a little longer before I post my review type thoughts on the bike, but early impressions are all pretty much as expected, it’s an easy to ride bike with decent levels of comfort and one that I reckon is well suited/comfortable for long days. I headed out with no particular plan other than into Cheshire and then on towards Llangollen, the

Horsehoe Pass and then back sort of via Whitchurch – all in all a decent ride in decent weather conditions.

Other than stopping for a coffee at the cafe on the A556 – the aptly named Cafa556 and as I have said in a couple of previous posts it really is good to see this place opened again, it’s fair to say they still have some work to do to tidy up some of the general parking area but it’s heading in the right direction and on each occasion that I have visited the service has been really good and really friendly.

After leaving the roadside stop I headed out towards Whitchurch before turning off towards Peckforton Castle in Tarpoley for a few pictures outside the main entrance and then it was pretty much quiet leafy lanes on towards Llangollen and then a stop at the Ponderosa Cafe at the top of the Horseshoe Pass, which is always worth a stop to take in the wonderful views, food is always good as well – although on this occasion I didn’t enter for anything to eat.

I returned to Llangollen the way I had come, retracing my route down the Pass and then heading for Whitchurch, the A49 and then home, but not before stopping at a local services for a decidedly average and stone cold Greggs Cheese & Onion bake. All in all a decent 180 or so miles.

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Pictures from the day below. Clicking anyone of them should open a scrolable gallery.