wandering around europe – part 6

Wandering around Europe – part 6

After staying in Bad Wiessee in Germany I decided to head for Lake Konstanz and booked a place in the small German village of Bematingen. It was another decent day, pleasant roads and easy and relaxed riding in good weather.

By this time I definitely had started to get that feeling that I was at the back end of my trip, not for the first time on this trip I had a good day, the scenery was of course less dramatic than some I had seen in the previous couple of weeks – but it had its own charm and was always enjoyable.

Heading for Saarburg

The ride away from my overnight stay in Bad Wiessee took me along the shores of the vast Lake and there were a few times when I simply stopped and enjoyed the view.

I headed out for Bad Tolz, Saulgrub and Bregenz and then towards the end of the day I took the ferry from the Swiss side of Lake Konstanz across to the German side and from there it was only 10 or so miles to my overnight accommodation, which in truth turned out to be somewhat average although the breakfast offering was first class.

Time for apple strudle

Despite a decent breakfast I couldn’t resist an excellent piece of warm Apple Strudel when I stopped en route to my last but one stop over, that I had decided would be in the pretty German town of Saarburg close to the Luxembourg border.

I decided to stay for two nights in Saarburg, a decision I had made when booking the hotel as it looked such a pretty place to wander around and more of that in the final part of this post – Part 7

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