Time for the annual motorcycle MoT – short ride on the BMW F800R

Any ride is better than no ride

Time for the annual motorcycle MoT and a short ride on the BMW 800R.  On the basis that any ride is better than no ride even if it is just a pretty short ride this was good to do.

Even this short trip earleir this week to get one of my bikes MoT’d  actually managed to feel like something of a bonus after months of not having that option due to the restrictions brought about by the Covid pandemic.

It was definitely a short ride but …

It was five months ago when I was last on a bike and as I have said, even though this was only a short trip it was still something to look forward to.

So yes a short ride on the BMW F800R, but on the basis that any ride on two wheels is better than no ride, this was certainly a step in the right direction.

Despite it being such a long lay off from being on a bike, I felt at home right away and enjoyed the fairly short round trip to MW Motorcycles.

Great service as ever

My MoT was done by the guys at MW Motorcycles and as ever they provided the usual sterling service and they are a business that I am really pleased has been able to keep going during the Covid 19 pandemic.

I have written about them a few times before and they are always my first port of call for any work on the bikes. The last time I was there was in October when they sorted out a tricky problem on my Moto Guzzi, you can read about that here. Next bike in there will be my BMW RnineT for annual service and new rear tyre, and I expect that to probably be sometime in May.

The MoT was routine and I probably spent more time chatting and catching up with the guys than it took to do the MoT, Chris has been busy over the winter with a new photograph collection that he was keen to tell me about and Alan has been busy working on a few restoration projects.

My next post in a couple of days will have an update on plans for the coming summer … hopefully, virus permitting etc

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