Back on a bike and back on two wheels at last …

Back on the bike

With the continued success of the UK vaccination programme it looks like getting out on the bike on a regular basis is not too far away.

With that in mind I have one of my bikes booked in for it’s first MoT this coming Monday -so for the first time in five months I’ll get to ride a bike and be back on two wheels at last!

Back to life

Getting back on a bike, getting back to some form of post pandemic normal and the onset of the better weather will also mean that this blog will come back to life after the last few very quiet months. Although the has been quiet I have been busy on the rainycity blog and you can check out the latest posts at this link and follow me on instagram at this link.

Whats coming up/what’s the plan

I’ll get a blog post up in the next couple of days with a general update on what I’m hoping to get up to in the next few months on the bikes – including a rescheduled, rescheduled, rescheduled trip to Spain and Portugal.

Picture gallery

Some pictures below from my blog library … cant wait to get back on two wheels. Clicking any of the pictures below should open a gallery that you can scroll or click through