Motorcycle Travel books – available in paperback and ebook version

Available in paperback and ebook format

A year or two back I wrote a couple of motorcycle travel books/travel journals.  The books describe solo trips in Europe and are written very much from a bikers perspective rather than as a professional travel writer/journalist. The books are an easy read and capture the tale of a couple of motorcycle trips – one of around 5,000 miles, the other around 4,000 miles.

Both books are available from Amazon and are available in ebook format as well as in paperback.

How much are they?

The ebook versions are less than £2.00 and the paperback versions are less than £5.00 – they are published at a price that I can’t make any lower.


The first book, titled:  ‘What if You Dont Break Down’ describes a 5,000 mile motorcycle trip in central Europe, as I traveled across Northern Spain then down the Mediterranean side of Italy to Pompeii and then to the Sorrento/Amalfi coast to fulfill a dream.

After that, it’s across to the Adriatic coast, up into the Apennines mountains, and then onto the delights of Slovenia, the Dolomite’s and more and perhaps one of the best days riding I have ever had on a motorbike, before finally heading for home via Germany, Belgium and Holland.

I think the book appeals to more than just motorbike enthusiasts. In fact, anybody who enjoys reading about travel or maybe has thought about making a ‘big trip’ on their own, but has been weighed down and put off by self-doubt and worry might just find the inspiration to get on and do it.


The second book is called ‘Superbike Across Europe’ – this book is a tale of a 4,000 mile motorcycle trip that took me down through France and Spain as far as the Douro Valley in Portugal. After riding to Portugal it’s back up through Spain before I headed for Andorra, the French Mediterranean coast and onto the beauty of the Italian Lakes.

The long ride home begins on the shores of Lake Maggiore with a journey across the Swiss Alps to the Black Forest of South West Germany, then into France, Luxembourg and Belgium before crossing the channel and making the grueling slog up the English motorway network, from Dover on the south coast of England to the North West of England and home to Manchester.  The book has a broad appeal and will be enjoyed by anyone who likes to read about travel adventures, whether a motorcyclist or not.

If you’re the sort of person whose shelved a dream or maybe you just put off doing things due to the internal demon of self-doubt then this book might just provide the inspiration that makes you get up and do it, and if you’re the sort of person that the author describes as a ‘ tomorrow person’ then this really IS the book for you.

More reading and pictures about my bike trips

You can read more about some of my bike trips and travel in a series of posts that I wrote during the first of the ‘lockdown’ periods in 2020. The series of posts is called Motorcycle Years – Lockdown Look back and you can check the first of those posts out at this link.

The link will take you to Part 1 of the look back series and you can work your way forward to see short summaries of each of the years including plenty of pictures from various UK and European trips including pictures from the trips that are described in both books.