whilst the sun keeps shining …

The exceptional weather throughout April has provided decent opportunities to get out on the bikes. I posted previously about a couple of other post lockdown rides and you can see those at the following links: Back on the Road Again and Sunny Roads on Sunny Days,  Yesterday was another glorious day, so I rolled the BMW out of the garage and was on my way to the Peak District before 06:30.

As there are still various Covid 19 restrictions in place I took my own snacks, a couple of slices of toast and a tin of Redbull. Although there are a couple of places open for a coffee stop I am still unsure about the general safety and wisdom of that at the moment and so will continue to give the roadside snackbars a miss for the time being.

The ride was good and it was a terrific few hours on good roads with some magnificent views. – click here  for the next post another sunny day, another sunny ride

Pictures from the ride are in the gallery below: