sunny roads on sunny days …

Having missed a year on my bikes (injury and then the pandemic) it’s been brilliant in the last couple of weeks to get out and about again.

Yesterday I was making the most of the good weather and did a few miles on the Kawasaki – a completely different ride from the BMW, with it’s free running 650cc engine, light/easy action clutch and foot forward cruiser style controls it makes for a very different riding experience from the RnineT.

It’s a relaxed easy ride, always makes between 60-65mpg (apart from when my wife and I toured Spain/Portugal), the controls are basic, the rear suspension always has a bit of a budget feel – but of course it’s built to a price and so thats fair enough, and whilst not everyones cup of tea I have to say that whilst there is room for improvement it’s one of those bikes where the ride is always enjoyable and in a weird way sort of more enjoyable than you think its going to be.

Yesterday was no exception, I was away from home for 07:30 and headed off into Derbyshire and Yorkshire on a gloriously sunny day and for the most part gloriously empty roads.  All in all I had a relaxing and theapeutic morning out with scenery that by any measure was just superb – and once again the Kawasaki was great fun to ride.

Some pictures in the gallery below.