another sunny day, another sunny ride

There will never be any complaints from me when the sun is out and I can get out on a bike and yesterday was no exception as I continued to enjoy the pleasant weather and continued to make up for lost bike time and the biking write off that 2019 was for me.

Yesterday I headed out to Staffordshire on the Kawasaki Vulcan – and went out across the infamous Cat & Fiddle road. To be honest I have ‘done’ the Cat & Fiddle a few times over the years and whilst it’s certainly a decent road, I can’t help but think it’s a little overrated. I recall a few years ago travelling somewhere in Europe with friends (I cant recall quite which country or where) but we had a conversation about the Cat & Fiddle as one of the journalist in a top selling bike magazine of the time described the road as one of the best and being in the Top 10 etc. – as decent a stretch of road as it is, I don’t really think it would come close to making the top 20 for any biker who has filled his or her boots across Europe.

Yesterday was a enjoyable ride – some superb scenery and views but compared to recent rides in Shropshire, Yorkshire and Derbyshire from a pure roads and rides perspective it fell a little short – but in truth there is seldom a thing as a bad ride.

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Some pictures in the gallery below from yesterdays ride.