BMW parts – the wunderlich catalogue

A couple of weeks back I had been browsing the Wunderlich website looking at everything I didn’t know I wanted and didn’t know I needed … and I noticed that I could request the 2019 catalogue, which in a way seemed sort of unusual given that almost everything is online now.

As much as I enjoy browsing the bike and bike related websites there is something pretty decent about sitting down with a coffee and pouring through a parts and accessory catalogue.

I wasn’t dissapointed when it arrived – all 460 or so pages of it. It was the catalogue for all things BMW – Touring, Sport, Classic, Roadster and Adventure and I took some guilty pleasure browsing the parts and accessories for bikes that I have no desire to ride let alone own.

The real bonus of the catalog was actually on the inside cover – an advert for a RnineT/Airhead Boxer dedicated catalogue, another one that can be ordered directly from the Wundelich website, which I did .

It arrived last week and it’s brilliant – almost 500 pages worth of stuff I didn’t even know existed – it really is well worth requesting a copy, although it brings with it a real risk of damaging the contents of your wallet or bank account!


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