Moto Guzzi V7 Cafe time for the annual MoT at MW Motorcycles

Moto Guzzi V7 Cafe time for the annual MoT at MW Motorcycles

After having my BMW RnineT in MW Motorcycles earlier in the month for its annual MoT (see this link), it was time to make another trip – this time with the Moto Guzzi.

As ever a trip to see Alan and Chris at MW is always good value – and apart from them being 100% trustworthy and doing a good job with the bikes we always find time to have a bit of football banter and a laugh and this visit was no exception. Alan and Chris have looked after all my bikes for many years now and if you need anything doing on yours, want sterling service or just some sound advice why not give the guys a call at MW Motorcycles.

Low mileage

The MoT itself was routine and thankfully everything was found to be in order for another 12 months. I have this bike from new and it’s not a bike I see me parting with any time soon. In fact I have had this since 2012 – bit it’s a very low mileage bike.

My preference with this one is not to use it for long trips and tours (although you can of course tour on just about anything) – this would be down my list for a couple of weeks on the road.

I’ve had some decent rides – north Wales, Anglesey etc but it do tend to use it as more of a sunny day/our for a coffee kind of bike.

Not so powerful – but good fun

For a combination of reasons the Guzzi has been quite ‘under used’ in the last couple of years.  If summer ever arrives, which at the moment is looking like a distant dream I am expecting and hoping to make more of use of it this year. It’s not  powerful bike but it is good fun to ride, and easily ticks the boxes of a retro-classic – there’s some more pictures of it from a decent summer days back in 2021 at this link.

The Guzzi knocks out about 48bhp with just a five speed box and what what can feel like a long reach between first and second – but you soon get used to it.

You also soon get used to the side to side rocking motion from the shaft drive – nothing dramatic just another characteristic of this small block shaft driven v twin.

Small but well formed

It’s a relatively small bike so realistically isn’t going to be great for comfort if you’re a tall rider – if you’re a six footer you might look a little too big for this bike. Although small and compact I’d say it’s pretty good and comfortable enough for sunny days jaunts – tank range is about 150 or miles and this really is a decent bike for those 100 mile or so sunny days when you just want to mostly take it easy, have a little bit of fun between the coffee stop whilst listening to a fine soundtrack from the bark of the two after market exhausts.

Picture gallery

Some pictures below of the Guzzi V7 and my latest visit to MW Motorcycles. Clicking any of the images will allow you to click or scroll through the picture gallery.