Come on spring, come on summer – lets have some good weather

Come on spring, come on summer – lets have some good weather

Although it’s still only early April, my mind has been wandering back to last year and the prolonged period of dismal weather that stayed across the UK and parts of Europe for way too long. Anyone remember the names of the various storms we had and that seemed to come one after the other?


Whilst not wanting to get overly obsessed with the weather (although I did post about it in February), it’s fair to say it does have quite an impact (for me) on how much biking I do. I’m really hoping that the wet start to spring isn’t a sign of another summer of damp days and excessive rainfall.


Something of a washout

Last year really had been something of a washout for me and apparently 2023 had been the UK’s 11th wettest year since 1836! Had the weather been better I had planned to spend a couple of weeks or so travelling in Ireland and Scotland at the back end of summer/early autumn.

Earlier in the year and in what seemed like a rare spell of dry weather I had managed a short trip to Ireland in June on the BMW F800R.  The June trip had been a short but really enjoyable and it followed three superb trips to Ireland in 2022.

The initial two trips in 2022 were bike trips, the first in June, and the second in August and then later followed by a terrific road trip (in the car) with my wife later that year.

But despite my plans and ferry bookings etc, such was the extent of the bad weather that I canceled the trip I had planned for the back end of summer (I wrote about that here) and instead headed off at fairly short notice for Spain and Portugal which turned out to be an exceptional trip … and it was sunny and dry.


I don’t think your would be disappointed


To be honest a motorcycle holiday in Ireland would always be high on my list of reccommended bike or car trips. Those 2022 trips had been brilliant and really enjoyable and it’s hard to think you would be disappointed it you were to make a road trip there.

Amazing scenery, plenty of quiet roads, quite towns and quite villages along with plenty of decent bars and super friendly people all make for a good trip. Although we have pretty much got our travel plans settled for this year we do hope to be back in Ireland again soon, perhaps in 2024. You can check out our recent trip to the Scottish Highlands here.



Back to this year and hoping for better weather

In the UK the first day of spring (astronomically) was on March 20th and it will officially be the start of summer on the June 20th.

Whilst I’d have to say that weather wise it;s something of a slow start to spring I did manage to get out at weekend, albeit for a pretty short ride into Cheshire and Shropshire. It felt wonderful to be back out on the road again on two wheels. I took the F900XR – really I had wanted to go out on RnineT but that wasn’t quite ready to ride, as it was due it’s MoT. There are some pictures in the first picture gallery of the F900 XR


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It’s that time again

During the middle of the week it was back to MW Motorcycles for the annual MoT on my beautiful BMW RnineT.

Regular visitors to this blog will know how highly I regard the fellas at MW Motorcycles and I simply wouldn’t consider going anywhere else to have my bikes looked after. It was nice to catch up with Chris and Alan after the winter and happily the MoT was routine and fine – although I will need to keep an eye on the front tyre as it’s not going to last too much longer.


And a bike for sale – but not one of mine


Whilst it’s not quite my sort of bike (it’s way to big for me) there’s a bike in the pictures below that MW Motorcycles are currently selling on behalf of someone. It’s the while Triumph Tiger 1200 XC. As far as I understand it has about 8,000 miles on, looks to be in great condition and I know is set to be sold at a very fair price. If it’s the sort of bike you’re interested in you might just be able to grab a bargain with this one – contact Chris at MW Motorcycles for more information.


Picture gallery

Clicking on any of the images below will open a picture gallery that can be clicked or scrolled through