sometimes it’s the little things …

A couple of weeks ago I saw a post from someone who had fitted some neat looking ‘exhaust tips’ to the twin Akro’s on his RnineT … they looked very decent and given that they were less than £52 (approx €57) they seemed well worth a punt.

They arrived earlier this week and I’ve just spent all of ten minutes fitting them, and for such a modest amount of money and effort I think they make a very decent aesthetic improvement.

Fitting is simplicity itself – mine’s a 2016 model so the end caps and baffle are quick to remove with just the six security Torx bolts to undo. I gather that on later models careful use of a Dremel is required to take them out – but so such problems for me.

The fit and finish of the ‘tips’ really does seem to be first class and each tip comes with replacement allen bolts – some before and after pictures are shown below.

And it should probably go without saying that the exhaust tone is enhanced with the baffles out!