a blast from the past …

I was sorting through some old emails earlier whilst having a general tidy up when I came across an email from 2007.  The email had been prompted by me reading the August edition of the monthly Fast Bikes magazine and they had featured a used Suzuki GSR-600. The bike had previously been mine and I had traded it for a new GSR-750 (K7).

I wrote to Moby (Richard Newland) the Editor and asked if they could send me the pictures from the photo shoot, which they duly did – if I can find them I’ll post them up later.

The picture of the 600 (K5) was taken on my last ride on it – when I went over to DK Motorcycles in Newcastle under Lyne. I had it from new and did just over 16,000 miles on that bike including a couple of European trips as well, and it was an absolute minter when I sold it

This GSX-R was my second in 600 in the GSX-R series, and I had had traded a K3 in the classic Suzuki blue and white colors for it.



The picture of the 750 was taken on my drive on the same day that I had picked it up.

The 750 was a much better bike and if I had ever been able to keep any or all of the bikes that I have ever had that would be one that would have easily made into the collection.

It was another bike that I knocked in a few miles on and did a couple of european trips with it, including a memorable trip to Switzerland and the Alps.