it may be autumn but …

Despite us heading towards the middle of October and the onset of Autumn having the potential to make memories of a steaming hot summer seem like an age ago  –  the sun has continued to shine and provide plenty enough warmth for some very comfortable riding.

Just the other week I had thought that would probably be just about it for me until into 2019, but then a couple of very decent days arrived and with no commitments I was off out on the Vulcan S yesterday for a good few hours of relaxed and easy riding.

The previous day I had taken the rear rack and pillion seat off, as much to give it a clean under there as anything else – and have decided I will now leave them off until my wife decides she next wants to go on the bike, its only a 10 minute job to put them on/take them off so it’s hardly much of a chore, and I quite like the cleaner lines of the bike without the pillion seat.

I headed out for the back roads of Cheshire and then on into North Wales – no plan, no real idea of where I was heading and thankfully no real traffic on my route to speak off.

I only stopped for coffee, a leg stretch and some pictures and arrived home some 160 miles or so later having had a decent day and having enjoyed the bike again.

I’ve said it so many times that this really is an easy/good fun sort of bike to ride – of course it has its limitations and compromises but all in pretty enjoyable really, although I really ought to something about those ugly mirrors!