fair play to DFDS … making things easier

I wrote last week about the remarkable service that I received from Brittany Ferries when I had to cancel and re-schedule a trip following my Father passing away. My wife and I had another motorbike trip scheduled (this time with DFDS)_which was for a return journey from Dunkerque to Dover. The knock on effect of me rescheduling the Spain/Portugal trip meant that we needed to cancel the second trip that was scheduled for August.

I went online to cancel this crossing fully accepting that the £75 fare was lost, as it happened the section of the web portal to do this wasn’t working so a day or two later I used the online ‘chat’ function to query when it would be up and running. Whilst engaged in the online chat the I explained to the operator I needed to cancel following the loss of my father and the almost immediate response was that they would make a full refund.

A couple of days later I scanned and mailed them a copy of my Fathers death certificate and within a few minutes I had email back expressing their condolences and confirmation that the money had been returned to my account.

So just as with Brittany Ferries – fair play to DFDS for excellent customer understanding and service, I’m grateful to DFDS for the way they handled my query and for the empathy and action that they offered, it’s things like this that really do make a difference – both ferry companies really have helped to make the most of what has been a difficult time.