RnineT, different angles …

I was out and about yesterday, enjoying another day in the sunshine, and without exception every time I get off the RnineT my eyes are drawn to it, perhaps more so than any other bike I have ever owned.

If you read my Blog posts you will know I have posted about the bike before, making reference to it being a work of art (you can catch that post by clicking this link if you missed it).

Yesterday I thought I would capture a few pictures from different angles – I really never tire of taking pictures of my bikes, and the RnineT just begs to be photographed, and once again I fell for the charms of this most beautiful of bikes.

As for my ride – it was decent enough, I had left home early around 07:00am, had a couple of coffee stops, sat and chatted, like you do with fellow bikers and all in all just generally enjoyed the roads, the sunshine and most of the 160 or so miles that I rode.
Different angles: I have posted some ‘different type’ of pictures in the gallery below, sometimes you just cant get too much of a good thing. Clicking on any picture should open the gallery that you can then scroll through.