RnineT – a work of art?

I was out yesterday, no where special just a 100 or so miles pottering around the back roads of Cheshire.

The weather was glorious and I was glad I had left home at around 07:00am before it got too warm, mind you I feel almost guilty using the words ‘too warm’ after the long and miserable winter we have had – and although my ride wasn’t anything special, it certainly provided some decent backdrop for a few pictures.

I absolutely love this bike, and as much as it’s a joy to ride I actually just like to sit and look at it – and it struck me yesterday when I was sat a few feet away from my bike enjoying an early coffee, that this bike, perhaps more so than most could grace any museum of fine art – the machine is a masterpiece of design.

I think it’s fair to say that when the design of this machine was signed off – they had got it right.

My favorite picture from yesterday is below, and I think I may have this one enlarged and printed.

There are some picture from yesterday in the gallery below and clicking on any one of them should expand them into a scrolable gallery