lockdown lookback – motorbike years part 3 …

This is the third part of the lockdown lookback posts.  If you have read Parts 1 and 2 you will know I have turned to writing these posts to pass some time whilst actually getting out on a bike isn’t an option.

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The period covered by this particular Blog post was an excellent time for biking and included Road Trips to France and Switzerland. The Swiss trip in 2008 was probably the highlight of that period and probably ticked the ‘best road trip’ box up to that point in time. There were also plenty of decent trips out and about locally, to Wales and into Yorkshire as well as the Manchester Bike show – all in all they were a couple of really good biking years.

Throughout this period I was on the rather fabulous Suzuki GSX-R 750 K7.  Of the four GSX-R’s I had, this one was probably my favourite, easy to ride, superbly balanced and was the bike I purchased after having had the K3 and K5 600cc models. I did go on to have the 1000cc model which was superb and the bike that I did my first solo european trip on, but in many ways the 750cc model probably made the most sense of the four that I had.

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There are two seperate picture gallerys in this post, the second only features pictures from the Swiss road trip. So after checking out the first gallery dont forget to check out the second which you can scroll down to.

I’ve selected some pictures from that period. Clicking on any picture should open a scrolable gallery, should work fine on a ‘phone but pictures are better on tablet, laptop or desktop.

Gallery 1

Gallery 2