lockdown lookback – motorbike years part 4 …

This post continues with the lockdown years theme and takes us back to 2009.

It was January of that year when I traded my Suzuki GSX-R 750 for the 1,000cc model and I recall it being less than an ideal day when I collected my bike, temperatures were freezing and the day had started with a ground frost which pretty much led me to only ride the bike the two or so miles home from the local dealers.

The GSX-R 1000 was a superb bike and although not an obvious bike to use to tour, it was actually fantastic and one I did two european trips on – the first down to Switzerland with Mick and Rich, with Karl coming with us for the first couple of days into Germany and the Nurburgring, before he headed home. The second european trip on that bike was the following year (2010) when I did a solo trip through France and into Spain before heading home via Italy, Switzerland, Germany etc – the 2010 pictures follow in the next post (Part 5).

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I’ve selected some pictures from 2009 . Clicking on any pictures should open a scrolable gallery, should work fine on a ‘phone but pictures are better on tablet, laptop or desktop.