no riding, garage time only …

Travel restrictions have meant a complete stall to the ‘riding season’ and realistically it seems certain that I’ll cancel plans for my european trip at the start of July and that was due to kick off with a one way ticket to Spain initially to spend a few days in the Picos before heading for Portugal and with no particular plan or timescale in place after that.

It will be a bit of a blow, especially as it will follow on from last years lack of riding and trip cancelation which was initially down to planned surgery but then latterly down to an accident – but given the grief that far to many the world over are experiencing at the moment it would be churlish of me to grumble too much.

Yesterday I shifted the bikes around in the garage ready for an oil and filter change on the Moto Guzzi and at the same time took the opportunity to take a few ‘garage snaps’ and these are posted below.

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