The Complete Book of BMW Motorcycles …

I have recently received a terrific new book as a gift – ‘The Complete Book of BMW Motorcycles’.

It’s a book that covers all models from 1923 to 2015 … and that’s a lot of models to cover.

It’s a well structured publication and takes the reader through the early days and origins of the marque in Munich, initially as a manufacturer of aircraft engines, then into the 1920’s with the development and introduction of the early Boxer engines and then progressively through the years and on to more recent times.

The book is a gem, and at the best part of 300 pages it’s something of a coffee table heavyweight, you’re certainly not going to be comfortable lying back in bed holding it up to read it!

There is general information on signiifcant development milestones for each year, as well as specific information (both technical and general) of each model and variant through the years. It should probaby go wthout saying that the book is packed with pictures, and is a real pleasure to pick up and leaf through – and yes in case your wondering I did go almost staright away to find the words and pictures of my current BMW – a fabulous 2016 RnineT.

Overall the book really is a great reference book, a source of massive amounts on information and if youre a fan of the BMW motorcycles it really is a book that wont dissapoint.