RnineT – different angles part 2

Last week I published a Blog post – RnineT – different angles part 1 and it proved to be pretty popular. Given that it was more or less just a collection of pictures of different variants of the  stunning RnineT maybe it’s not surprising. Does anyone ever get tired of looking at this bike?

A couple of folk have posted pictures of their own RnineT’s for me to add. So this second post now includes pictures from Fernando Gomez, Darren Senerat and Barry Eastern and a few more general RnineT pix.

The other pictures are either snaps of my own RnineT or pictures that I have taken at bike shows and/or showrooms.

Yesterday I was out and about on one of my other bikes – not the RnineT, but nice enough in the delightfully un-seasonal British February – you can see some pictures here

Clicking on any of the pictures in the gallery below should open up a gallery to scroll through.

If you missed Part 1 you can get it here.