summers on the way – back on the road (2)

I wrote in the previous post that with the onset of summer and the all round improvement in the weather I was able to get out on the bikes this week  – first up was few miles on the RnineT (see the post here). Yesterday it was time to get the Kawasaki Vulcan S out of the garage for a few miles.

With other commitments to take care of I was only out for  three hours or so – but decided on a 90 mile round trip for a coffee. Not surprisingly the Vulcan is  areal contrast to the RnineT, but really enjoyable in its own way.

With the stock exhaust it certainly makes for a much quieter ride – and when the bikes are ridden back to back the differences between the Boxer engine and the 650 twin are more than evident – but the 650 is a cracker of an engine.

All in all a pleasant few hours and a pleasant couple of rides to kick-start what will hopefully be a decent summer.