cracking day out in the yorkshire dales …

With sandwiches and coffee made and packed and with the prospect of a decent days weather we were on our way on the Vulcan for before 09:30.

A cracking good day, good roads, fabulous scenery and a little over 200 miles done and we were home by around 17:15.

We did the first 20 or so miles on the motorway – dull and boring but simply a means to an end, after that it was A roads with a few single track roads thrown in as well. The roads for the most part were quiet and as we we headed for Billington, Whitewelll and then Dunsop Bridge. After that it was Settle, Kirby Lonsdale, Sedbergh and the ever pretty town of Hawes.

The weather was just ideal for being on a bike – not so hot as to get uncomfortable when riding but and warm and pleasant enough when we stopped. We didn’t really need to travel with all the luggage on, but as the roll bag was a new addition – and I had made some custom fixing for securing it to the rack (rather than using bungee cords and straps) we wanted to give it a try before our trip to Spain and Portugal in a few weeks – and it all worked perfectly.

We finished our route by heading for Wensley, Kettlewell and Skipton before turning for home.

Not for the first time, we had a great day out on the Vulcan, and despite it being the smallest capacity bike in our garage and more than a stark contrast to what I regard as close to the ideal touring bike (the Z1000 SX), I always come back after riding this one having thoroughly enjoyed myself – it’s such an easy and relaxed style of riding. Of course it’s got it’s compromises but it really is great fun.

Once again and despite being uphill and down dale (literally) the engine continues to return an impressive 65mpg.

So all in all a cracking day out.