passing on your childrens belongings

I suppose its something that every parent does at some point and its a really nice thing to do – and today I spent some time getting more stuff down from the attic to pass onto Sarah for her children (our grandchildren to enjoy). I retrieved over 90 Ladybird books – many of which were Sarah s and some of which were mine – from the 1960’s!

There are loads of other books as well and these are in addition to those that have already been passed on.

I understand the modern Ladybird books are somewhat sanitized and so its tremendous to be able to pass on these that are untouched by the ‘right on brigade’

I also found a mix for alcoholic blackcurrant it only went out of date in 1999 so I’m going to make it and see how it goes

Perhaps though and best of all is a book of rhymes that I used to write for Sarah (way back in 1989) – I read them all back today with great fondness and lots of happy memories