so how was it for you

well it was superb for me – some reminders of special memories are in the pictures. The games in Munich and Barcelona were superb trips that Richard and I enjoyed together

Memorable away trips in the League included the games at manchester united, Everton, Liverpool and Palace as well of course the Cup Final at Wembley.

Although City were beat at Anfield it was hard not to get a sense of over confidence from the Liverpool team, supporters and media (understandable maybe) but in my opinion the wild post match celebrations contributed to the results in the next two games – and a stand out memory for me was standing in the concourse at Crystal Palace watching Liverpool start to fail against Chelsea and in that moment it really felt like it was coming back to us. The performance from Liverpool at Crystal Palace was just bizarre BUT Liverpool have had a stunning season and I have enjoyed watching them, but the collapse was made all the sweeter (for me at least) as just a few weeks previously I think there was a belief in the club (roundly propped up by the media) that it was their trophy – I think next season will be tough for them but I also think they will have benefited from this seasons heartbreak