a moment in time …

I woke up far to early this morning with aching legs and an active mind. My legs were aching from standing and leaping about in a cramped, tire old football stadium where in the exuberance of the moment it’s all too easy to bang yourself on the tightly packed rows of seating – I was watching my team earn a dramatic and significant win and having woke with aches and bruises I was thinking about yesterday and thinking about those specific fractional moments that change things or reveal things, and clearly the game at Everton on Saturday evening was still on my mind – which in itself was unusual.

I was thinking how the fractions or time and specific moments gain significance.

In yesterdays game (which City had to win to continue to press for a second league title in three years) there were five goals but I think it was the spectacular brilliance of Joe Hart the City goal keeper who with lighting reflexes and agility made a significant finger tip save that on almost any other occasion would have resulted in a goal – and if that had happened it would have handed the advantage straight back to Liverpool.

And thinking further on ‘moments’ just how significant will the moment become in last weeks game when the Liverpool captain Gerrard lost his footing and slipped and in so doing allowed Chelsea to take the lead in a game they went on to win.

An extract from one of the online dictionaries, states:

1.an indefinitely short period of time; instant
2.a definite period or stage, as in a course of events; juncture: at this moment in history.
3.importance or consequence: a decision of great moment.
4.a particular time or period of success, excellence, fame, etc.

I suppose this season has provided more than its fair share of great and enjoyable moments, and these have included: being in Munich when City scored the winning goal, being in Barcelona when City scored and were pressing for a win (that never game), being at Old Trafford for another humbling of Man United, being at Wembley for the League Cup win, being at Anfield for the ecstasy of City coming back from two goals down to level the game and then being there for the agony of the Liverpool winner, last week at Crystal Palace was sheer exhilaration – more so watching Liverpool slip than City win and then of course yesterday and the moment of total relief when the final whistle went.

Two games to go then – I wonder how many moments of agony and sheer joy await me in the next seven days – I’ve watched too much football in my life to take anything for granted – Richard shared each of the above moments with me – and I’m hoping that the moments we share this coming week leave us happy.

Some pictures below from yesterday – a couple at least go some way to capturing the moment (and as ever click the first to open the gallery and then scroll through)