motorcycle travel book – review

Back in August of last year (2016) I published my first book, What if you don’t break down? – a tale of my 5,000 mile motorcycle trip in central Europe, across Northern Spain then down the Mediterranean side of Italy to Pompeii and then to the Sorrento/Amalfi coast. After that, I rode across to the Adriatic coast, up into the Apennines mountains, and then onto the delights of Slovenia, the Dolomite’s and more and maybe the best days riding the author has ever had on a motorbike, before finally heading for home via Germany, Belgium and Holland.

It probably wont be a surprise to hear me say this is a good book and that I don’t think you would dissapointed  if you bought  it …but there again I would say that wouldn’t I? So to add some balance Ive copied and pasted reviews from the Amazon web site. If youre interested in reading the book it can be bought from the Amazon web site by following these links: ebook or paperback format.

You can also get hold of my second motorcycle travel book: Superbike Across Europe by following these links: ebook or paperback

A good read. I had to give up my motorbike due to health issues and love to experience journeys like these through others.

An engaging and exciting read about the travels through some part of Europe on a motorbike. Lots of great description that really draws the reader in, allowing them to experience the exhilaration of realising a dream. It’s inspiring stuff and will, I am sure, motivate anyone with the slightest interest in expanding their horizons and traveling to get out there and do it. The book would only be improved with the addition of pictures.

A lovely read. It was great to be allowed on the journey with the author and, with the cold biting outside, be transported to the heat of an Italian coastal road, or a Languedoc vineyard, stopping at a local bar for a nice cold beer. Descriptions are effective and not over done. They give a real feel of what it was like on the trip.I have been left hankering to visit the Pyrenees and travel the roads so wonderfully described. More please!

I’m not a biker, but I do travel a lot so this really interested me. The author is clearly an experienced biker and knows his stuff. The book is a compact account of a recent road-trip to various places in and around Europe, Italy being the highlight. Its ‘blog’ style will be of interest to anyone interested in making their own way to really beautiful places that don’t involve package holidays, organised travel, foam parties or airport baggage security checks at 4.30 in the morning. If you enjoy travel but don’t enjoy either being herded like sheep or lying in the sun, then this just might be the read for you. Being your own boss in addition to the experience of seeing some truly inspiring places, you get a real sense from the book of the sheer joy the author derives from riding awesome sports bikes. To the extent that despite being a non-biker, I really do have a taste for a proper mid-life crisis: 50 year old man buys large Ducatti – that kind of thing. I suspect as well judging from the sub-text of the book that the organisation of the trip was critical – if you don’t get the logistics or hotel bookings right then I guess that would detract enormously from the ride itself. I’ll keep my eye out for anything further from Mr Burns, because it’s gripping stuff and I suspect there may be a wealth of other material he has yet to draw on..

Anyone who has loved motor cycling in the past should read this book. It revives happy memories with Tony’s explanation’s of not only the wonderful people he met in places he stayed but the wonderful sights he saw. Pictures of some of the places would have made it better. I can highly recommend it and I truly envy his courage to do it alone. Its an excellent read.

A must read for serious bikers.who have ever had a dream. It grabs you from the beginning, sharing Tony’s experiences as he travels across Europe, bringing to life the highs and not so many lows of his trip. A brilliant travelogue is an understatement.

Get your leathers out, you will want to follow in Tony’s tyre tracks for sure. I thoroughly enjoyed it and cant wait for the next one.

If you ride a bike and have done a European road trip this is a must read. If you haven’t done a road trip in Europe read it…and you will be inspired to do one! A most enjoyable read.

Tony Burns thoroughly enjoyable short book is a multi-faceted and rich read: part travelogue, part touring guide, part catalogue of special places, part hymn to the joys of motorcycling. Written in the simple, direct style of one of the author’s favourite writers, Ernest Hemingway, it makes a powerful case for autonomous, fast, efficient, multi-sensory, aesthetically and proprioceptively pleasing landscape exploration. The last time I read a book as good as this was Pirsig’s ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’. That book stimulated me to take up biking again (for a few years). Very much feeling the urge again. Can’t wait for the book of the 2016 trip to come out.