disaster recovery part two …

I wrote a post the other day about how I got one of bike sorted after dropping it last summer, more recently I needed to go back to Simon at his Smart repair business for another job to be looked at and considered. This time it wasn’t my bike but my sons car, a Ford Fiesta. He had banged it just before Christmas and needed to make a judgement call on whether to make a claim on his insurance (he’s still building up his no claims bonus) or whether to just bite the bullet and pay for the job. It was a fair old bit of damage to the passenger (near side of the car) as you can see in the pictures below.

The good news was that Simon said he could do it and the only delay was the Christmas/New Year break. We dropped the car off during the first week back after the New Year and by the end of the week it was back, as good as new. See the pictures below.

Not a great deal more to say really other than another top quality job – and I can’t imagine that I would go anywhere else to have paintwork or body work sorted … although it goes without saying that I’m not planning or wanting to see Simon again under these sort of circumstances.

Note: Simon hasn’t asked me to write this and it’s not a sponsored post. I just think if you find someone who does a decent job its worth sharing the details – you never know when you might need services like this.

But if you ever do find yourself needing this sort of work doing I don’t think you would go far wrong in speaking to Simon. You can contact him on 0161 637 3100 or mobile 07593 782 756. He’s based in Middleton Manchester and can be emailed at: smartrepaircentre@yahoo.co.uk