january isn’t a bad month after all (part 1)

For most of my life January has probably been my least favorite month of the year, and that despite it being the month I have my birthday. In my younger days the chore of going back to school after the Christmas and New Year holidays was never welcome, nor was the trudging to and from school in the cold. In more recent years the return to work after the break always left me wishing I was still on leave and as much as I enjoyed my job, January always seemed to drag on and on.

But … now that I am no longer in paid employment I have seen January from a new perspective and earlier today when I was out walking it made me think that actually January really is a pretty good month after all.

Daily walks of five or six miles in the crisp air and sharp cold are a joy – sort of makes me wish I had been able to quite earlier… I’ve posted some pictures below from this mornings stroll.