road trip to Ireland … part 1

Pat and I had a very decent break in Ireland last week and I think its fair to say we were more than impressed with Ireland.

We had a routine drive to Holyhead in Anglesey where we stayed overnight in a Travel-lodge, sat in the coldest pub ever and which was rubbish and where they sold us Monster Munch from a multi bag as they had no crisps of peanuts (apparently they have ‘a run on them at weekend’), had another couple of drinks in a decent pub and did a runner from a chippy after ordering as it was filthy and uninviting, had chips in our hotel room and then were off on the 08:55 ferry on Monday morning.

We saw a reasonable amount of Ireland but of course only a fraction of it and we traveled through the counties of Dublin, Wicklow, Carlow, Wexford, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Clare, Galway, Offaly and Kildare.

The weather was really good for the most part except on Thursday when the temperature had plummeted to 0 degrees and Ireland seemed to be bound in freezing fog for the day which meant we didn’t really see as much as Galway as we had planned and hoped (have to go back).

Our accommodation was spot on – our first stay was in an ordinary but incredibly welcoming B&B, then a couple of nights in The Savoy in Limerick and then a superb guest house in Galway.

All in all a great trip – and we will definitely be going back. I’ve posted a lot of pictures on this one as it was just so good and so spectacular

Some great gear on this page which would have been ideal for the trip pricey but nice and its well worth checking out