new tyres …

Had some new tyres fitted last week to the Z1000. The original tyres Bridgestone 016s were fine and lasted pretty much as expected – about 4,200 miles. Although there was life left in the front the rear was shot and meant that renewing as a pair was the sensible options as I wasn’t replacing with the BT016s.

I decided to go for BT023 which are rated as a sports/touring tyre and with the dual compound should provide improved mileage. It was a toss-up really between Michelin Pilot Road 2CTs which I have had on a the last few bikes (GSX-R 1000, Fireblade and CB 1000R), the 2CTs were great but with the BT023s being a newer tyre and costing only about £10 more I opted for those – I did consider the T30s but wasn’t convinced that for the extra money I would really notice the difference.

First class service again at MW Motorcycles (see previous article) – Some pictures below and I shall write again in the coming months to review how the tyres are going and how I rate them compared to the the stock BT16s