didn’t see that one coming

Whilst I never expect to watch an exciting game when Manchester City play Stoke I hadn’t expected City to get beat at The Etihad yesterday – but in truth it was probably a fair result for a very determined Stoke team. It’s not great football to watch and I certainly couldn’t imagine paying to watch that week in week out – but you know what you get with Stoke and they played to their strengths and proved to be difficult to break down. So fair play to Stoke – its only about the second time in over 70 or so games that City didn’t score at The Etihad in the league and I think only about the third time they have been beat there in the league in the last couple of years.

The wildlife crossing the road on the way down and the usual match day fayre proved to be the best bit of the day (see the pics) – but it wasn’t all bad the result for man utd over at Burnley was (as is normally the case these days) good for a laugh.