top quality service/top quality dealer

When we were setting off from Col’s to head down to Folkestone for the tunnel to Calais the weather wasn’t great – well it was less than great actually as it was chucking it down and looked set for a while. With that in mind I thought it best to change from my dark visor to my clear one and in doing so broke a very small (minute) piece of plastic from the visor mechanism on the left hand side.

To cut to the chase on the Sunday as we traveled through Belgium/Germany the temp repair with tape didn’t hold, the visor ripped off and the right hand pod went with it. We found the visor intact but no chance with the pod.

As luck would have it as we arrived in Feuchtwangen (where we staying Sunday to Thursday) we saw a couple of motorbike dealers (which was something of a result having seen only one other in the previous 300 miles of so). so first thing after breakfast on Monday a short walk to the Honda dealers some great help from a German biker (with the translation), a couple of phone calls and we had directions to a dealers about 35 miles away who had confirmed on the phone they should be able to help.

As chance would have it the dealers was pretty much on the route we would have taken anyway and when we got there it was something of an Alladins Cave of a bike shop – which seemed particularly odd as it was in the small/middle of no where village of Markt Berolzheim, what a place!

Possibly one of the best stocked dealers I have ever been to: MV Agusta’s, Ducatti’s and Kawasaki – more new stock than I think I have ever seen in a dealership. All of that aside they sorted my helmet for a less than €20.

I’ve attached a few pictures … but if you are ever down that way and you have just the slightest interest in bikes then its well worth a visit to: this place