Road Trip (RT14)

Got back from this years annual road trip on Saturday (RT14) but sub titled ‘The Stroking the Fox Tour) – Facebook readers can access the full Blog entry and photo gallery here:

It was a decent trip but relatively low mileage (this year I did a shade under 2,000 miles) but that was because we based ourselves in Bavaria and didn’t head further south as in previous years. Last year we were int he Black Forrest and in previous years have done Italy, Switzerland, Austria and so on and even taken in a little of the Czech Republic – and in a way it was nice to do a low mileage tour.

Weather was mixed as it has been across most everywhere in Europe to the extent that we had 34c on one day and were rained off on another (but given that’s only the second day in 14 trips that I have been rained off I can’t grumble).

Bavaria as ever is lovely with impossibly pretty villages and towns linked by wonderful roads – and if you pick your route carefully the roads are as quiet as the Stretford End on Derby Day, although for out-and-out scenery the South West of Germany tops my list to date for that country. We had a good mix of roads from tight and twisty to wide and fast sweeping bends and the new bike was great. The trip was largely incident free but as with all Road Trips we returned with some good stories that we will dine out on for some years – the personal police escort, the incredible helpfulness and kindness of the locals, the best stocked bike dealership I think I have ever been in, the damaged helmet, the horse meat and frogs legs and so on – and expectations are high that I’ll turn out a better DVD than previous years now that I allegedly have more time to work on it!

There are fare too many highlights to capture here but the trip got off to a magnificent start with a superb BBQ on the Friday night supported by a backdrop of some of Dave W’s wonderful bike collection – I don’t think we could have had a better start to a road trip.

On a detail level I even manged to have fresh underwear and tee-shirt on the last but one night – something of an achievement on previous years!

Of course it was good to watch the 7-1 destruction of Brazil in a Bavarian Bar but given we were in a shishi bar with a plentiful supply of Bong it probably wasn’t quite typical!

The gallery of photos are just a snippet from the 1,000 or so I brought back and it will be a week or two before the others arrive for consideration for the DVD – roll on RT15