sporting blockbuster …

It was an epic game yesterday with the country’s two top teams going head to head – it certainly wasn’t the tile decider but there is no question that it is now advantage Liverpool and theirs to lose. We were there early and I have to say I have never seen anything like it at an away game in terms of expectancy and hope as the team bus arrived. Richard and I were marooned in a sea of red and took it all in – it goes without saying that I want City to win the title, but if we don’t then there would be nothing more fitting than for this scintillating Liverpool team to win it. Not only do they play a superb game with a style that is more than easy on the eye it would a) be a disaster for man united followers and b) truly fitting in this 25th anniversary year of the Hillsborough disaster.

The game didn’t disappoint with a dominant Liverpool start clawed back by a superb City display and just when it was looking finely balanced a mistake by the City captain led to a fine finish and the winning goal from Liverpool – and it should also be noted that the pre match fayre from our usual place didn’t disappoint either.

The only negative of the day is why oh why does a player so spectacular and fine as Suarez feel the need to cheat with such regularity – an aspect of his game that he has largely managed to clean up this season – other than that it was a classic game of football and a day that ended with a superb Liverpool win and a massive step towards the title for them.

Extra pictures in this post to mark such a momentous occasion (clicking on the first picture will open as a slideshow)