a quality day

Had a great day yesterday and spent from about 09:30 to 4.30 or so in the garage messing about with my Moto Guzzi ‘project bike’, and ably assisted by my nephew Andy. The day started well when the delivery man arrived – and there is really nothing quite like opening a parcel with new shiny motorbike bits in it. There’s a few pictures below and plenty more on my other V50 Monza Blog.

An excellent Cornish pastie for lunch and loads of cups of coffee helped the day along – the only downside was me receiving a ban from my wife when it comes to using the tumble dryer for drying my bike cleaning rags – apparently it makes ‘normal’ drying smell, must admit I cant quite see what the problem is with that – I actually think the scent of a woman who reeks of petrol, oil, WD40, an assortment of polishes and cleaning fluids is pretty good.

A suggestion from me that my wife consider hand-washing the rags wasn’t especially well received – but for now at least the washing machine is still OK for me to use!