BOOM, BOOM, BOOM – its the same old thing picture special

Derby Day in Manchester so it’s another 3 points for City as it normally is these days (I think its five of the last six that City have won) and the third successive year they have won at Old Trafford.

Needless to say Richard and I enjoyed ourselves again as City put away Man United in a very convincing fashion. As well as enjoying the game it’s always nice to see ‘how the other half lives’ and I guess the majority of Man U fans who haven’t been to Old Trafford would be surprised at how ramshackle and old-fashioned a stadium it is – I’ve included a pic or two inside the concourse to give you an idea, the pix of the corrugated roofing didn’t come out too well so haven’t posted them.

Had expected a bit more of an atmosphere from the Utd fans last night (given their current lamentable situation) I had thought there might have been some sort of reaction but it was as it normally is there – quiet.

And although it happens at all stadiums – the number of fans that leave a game early having paid to watch it always surprises me – last night was no exception they Man U left in their tens of thousands before the end of the game

On the plus side – it is big stadium and they do a decent cheese and potato pie. Happy days indeed.