Barcelona (picture special)

Well another great european football trip for Richard and me – we’ve done a few now and yesterdays was very very decent. A great performance from City just wasn’t enough to win and the team went down 1-2 on the night. Barcelona was good and we had some good laughs. The Camp Nou is a great arena to watch football in but it’s incredibly shabby and in reality something of a ‘dump’ of a stadium, but its scale its impressive and it really does afford superb viewing.

On the football side it’s clear that City have made great progress (now their third run at the Champions League) and we can only hope for better days.

Our flights were good and we were fortunate that the aeroplane we were on was fully equipped with systems to allow it to make a fully automated landing in Manchester in dense freezing fog (it was so thick that we could barely see our way to the car at 03:00am – in fact a second plane that left after us and that didn’t have the automated system was diverted to Newcastle!)