post retirement task (part 1)

You know those jobs you have that you always keep meaning to do but never quite get round to doing it … well one of ours has been to get the attic sorted out. The trouble is we’ve been meaning to do it for about 25 or so years but never quite had the time or courage to make a start.

Well now that we have more time – but not necessarily more courage meant that today we actually made a start. First to see daylight were lots of soft toys and to be honest they made their way downstairs in a pretty heavy hand way – basically they were thrown down the stairs.

Next task was photo’s for mailing to my son and daughter to see if any of these are still wanted, after the pictures were taken it was several washing machine loads and then out to dry on a gloriously sunny March day.

For those that are still cherished then they shall remain for the others alas it will be time for adoption and new owners and we will hope to find kind and loving homes for all of them.

Those of a sensitive nature should stop reading now as I must confess that a half-dozen or so didn’t make it to the wash and so will be ‘re-housed’ via the local civic amenity – that said there is one that did make the wash but will still get to see the civic amenity!