Moto Guzzi V50

I bought the Monza back in February 2013 with a view to doing ‘some work’ on it as and when I had time but knowing that in practice that free time wouldnt come until the start of 2014. Now that I have made a start on it I thought I would document progress via this Blog.

The Monza is a 1982 model and has only 15,000 miles on it, it’s in overall pretty good condition. The V50 is one of the smaller V Twins that Moto Guzzi manufactured back in the 1970s and 80s The V50 Monza was built as a ‘sporting’ version of the V50 and was styled to look similar to the iconic Guzzi Le Mans, with its small fairing, rear sets and clip ons’

The origin of the name is all very straightforward as it was named after the racetrack at … Monza, the model was first shown to the public at the 1980 Bologna Show.

Although the Monza offered some (limited) performance improvements over the earlier V50 models it fell short when compared to other offerings of the day – in particular Ducati’s new 500 Pantah.

The Monza also fell prey to the influx of cheaper (and more reliable) Japanese machines that were starting to flood into Europe and America and the bike never sold in large numbers – which makes getting hold of one in sound condition quite a find. Pictures below are of the V50 I bought (pictures from dealers web site)

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