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This Blog started around November 2013, initially as a way to keep in touch with family, friends and former colleagues and it’s sort of gone on since then.



I worked for a long time as a Civil Servant and spent my last 15 years or so in work as a Project Manager and then Programme Manager and retired from paid employment at the end of December 2013 – not because I didn’t enjoy my job ( I thoroughly enjoyed it) but it was just time for my wife and I to do other things.

The Blog started life called 55 and out, it was quite simple really as that’s the age at which I quit paid employment. For the first eight months or so of its life this Blog was called T800, and that was simply because it’s just a number I like and the front end of the registration numbers I have had on a couple of my bikes, but for some time it’s been motorbikes.blog as that’s what its about!

The content of the Blog is mainly around, bikes as well as featuring various  product reviews related to the bikes I ride and the gear and kit I use.

I’ve also written a couple of books and you can check them out at these two links What if you dont break down and Superbike Across Europe

And because nobody should ever take themselves too seriously I have a separate category ‘whispering and hats’ … check it out

If you want to be included on a mailing list to be notified of updates then please mail me at 1894tony@gmail.com

If you want to contact me then you can do so directly by mailing me at 1894tony@gmail.com

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