Triumph at Broxton – a nod to Honda’s 1966 nicest people ad’

Triumph at Broxton – a nod to Honda’s 1966 nicest people ad’

In 1966 Honda served up one of its most distinctive and memorable advertising lines in America. Some people say the line  You Meet The Nicest People On A Honda’ is one of the most genuinely iconic motorcycle sales slogan ever.

Last time out I had headed over to the Old Stores Motorcycle Cafe in North Wales and spent time talking to a guy called Brian. This time out I stopped at the Broxton Butty Van (get directions here) located behind the Edgerton Arms in Broxton .

The seating at the Butty Van isn’t the best to be honest, but the coffee and food is always good. It’s been a stop off for me for many years when I’m heading out that way to North Wales.

60 years on

Moving on almost 60 years from that Honda advertisement I mentioned, and I would adapt that line just a little. I think it would be fair to say that generally, it really still is the case that you meet the nicest people on a motorcycle.

On this occasion I met Ian – the owner (and builder) of a bike that had caught my eye as he turned into the Broxton roundabout just before I did.

Coffee and a chat

I asked Ian about the bike as we queued up for coffee. Once refreshments were purchased we sat and had an enjoyable chat over coffee (in my case supplemented with a decent sausage bap).

Once refreshed I went over to have a look at Ian’s Triumph TR6C and it really did strike me as decent.

I can’t claim to know such about the TR6C, but I do know from some quick internet research that the TR6 was made from 1956 to 1973 and was a pretty successful model for Triumph, especially in America.

And here’s a quirky story for you the bikes used in the chase scene in film The Great Escape were 1961 Triumph TR6 Trophy models. In the film the bikes were disguised as German BMW R75 motorcycles

Looks like a good job to me

It’s a Triumph TR6C from 1971. Ian told me it had taken quite a bit of work after he had bought it as an import from the US. Since buying the bike Ian has undertaken a full nuts and bolts engine rebuild and all the rest that goes with restoring what Ian described to me as ‘something of a basket case’.

Ian was good enough to let me take some pictures of his bike and you can see them in the picture gallery below.

After leaving Broxton I did make one more stop and there are more pictures from that stop in the next post – that you can read here. And if you do find yourself having a coffee at Broxton have a look out for Ian and his bike – you really do meet the nicest people on a motorcycle.

Picture gallery – Triumph at Broxton

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