BMW F900 XR – picture post. New belly pan on the F900

BMW F900 XR – picture post. New belly pan on the F900

In the last post I wrote about the belly pan that I had purchased and fitted to the BMW F900. I

In that post I said I would post up some pictures of a recent ride out and that would show the new belly pan.

There has been plenty written about the dismal weather in July. Which ever way you look at it and where ever you live in the UK it just hasn’t been ideal at all.

It seems there are numerous places across the UK that have had their wettest July on record.

On the positive side it certainly all confirms that I made the right decision to cancel my Scotland and Ireland trip – it would have undoubtedly been a washout of epic proportions.

Umbrellas not required

I wasn’t out for a particularly long ride but it made a nice and unexpected change to have a reasonably dry day.

Opening the door and not needing an umbrella felt like something of novelty, and was way too good of an opportunity to not to get out on a bike.

The roads were still damp and wet in enough places to make the back end of the bike pretty dirty and although I ran into a few light showers they were nothing to speak of and the weather was more than acceptable.

I only rode around 90 miles or so but it was very very enjoyable and continued to provide evidence that I am certain I am really going to enjoy my time with the F900.

You can find plenty of pictures in the gallery below that show how the belly pan I wrote about in the earlier post looks.

Most of the pictures are of the F900, but there are a couple of other pictures of bikes that were parked up at the J&S store in Northwich.

Picture gallery

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