Motorbike trip to Ireland – new post coming soon

Motorbike trip to Ireland – new post coming soon

I have just got back from another excellent motorbike trip to Ireland. Last years trip in June was so good that I wanted to return before I had even come home.

I did in fact return, and if you follow this blog you will have seen posts from that longer return trip. If you missed them you can check them out at this link).

Then if that wasn’t enough I was back again for a couple of weeks with my wife in September and we had a fabulous time. On that trip we took the car and stayed in three different locations –  Larne in Northern Ireland, Donegal and Kerry.

Not a surprise then

So it’s probably not too big a surprise that I had to go back again … the call of Ireland was rattling away inside of me and so that is exactly what I did last week.

It was a decision made at short notice based on excellent weather forecasts and some free time. I decided that I would go on the BMW F800R, I did consider taking the RnineT but wasn’t ata ll certain that there’s enough left on the front tyre to have safely done the trip (which ended up being about 1,200 miles or so).

Overnight in Anglesey

I stayed over night in Anglesey as I had booked on the 09:00 Stena ferry to Dublin and although it’s only around 120 miles from Home to Anglesey it’s a lot easier not ot have to start the day with what is a pretty boing ride. After that it was off to Co. Mayo for a couple of nights, a night in Co. Kerry and a night in Co. Cork before heading for Dublin and the ferry home.

Was it a good trip and will you be going back?

In a single word – yes. In fact one of the days on this short trip I would rate as probably in my top 20 biking days of all time and I’ve had some decent days across Europe!

Check back soon for full details of the trip.

Picture gallery

Click on any of the images below for a quick preview of the trip – see Part One here