BMW motorbikes – heading for Spring and the biking season

BMW motorbikes – heading for Spring and the biking season

It seems to be taking an age this year for the weather to turn, and it feels like it’s been colder and wetter for much longer into this year than in recent years. We can’t control the weather, it is what it is, but there have certainly been a few days in this last week ot so when the weather has had a spring feel to it.

Given the slow start (for me) to the biking year and some of my other commitments I am really hoping we will have a long hot summer and one that stretches well into the autumn – I’ve got bikes to ride and places to go.

What’s on the plan?

Well it’s a pretty loose plan really, in fact it’s barley a plan. Nonetheless I’m certainly hoping to get a trip to Ireland. I was there a couple of times last year on my bike (Trip 1 at this link and Trip 2 at this link) and loved it.

Although I covered a lot of ground, spending time in both northern and southern Ireland as well as seeing a fair bit of the Wild Atlantic Way there are still a couple of places I want to go to and without a doubt there are a few specific things I’d like to to see – so I’m really hoping to be back there this ‘season’.

For this who read my other blog you will know I was there for a third time last year for  a couple of weeks with my wife when we had an absolutely brilliant time – if you haven’t seen that series of posts, you can go to Part 1 at this link.

A Scottish trip is a definite possibility and although it’s another country that I have biked extensively in there are still some parts, especially on the west coast that I’d like to get to.

Out of the garage

Both the BMWs were out of the garage last week. The F800R was out for a decent ride into Cheshire and then North Wales with a loop of a little over 180 miles and you can find a few pictures of that ride at Picture Gallery 3.

The F800R was in for its annual service and MoT at MW Motorcycles  – regular readers know what I think of this place and I simply wont go anywhere else.

All was routine with the service and MoT and you’ll find a few ‘snaps’ that I took whilst at MW Motorcycles at Picture Gallery 2

The pictures in Gallery 1 were taken at home.

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