Motorcycle Live Birmingham November 2022

Motorcycle Live Birmingham November 2022

November sees the Motorcycle Live show return to the NEC in Birmingham.

It’s a bike show that has really has been around for some time, in fact it has been in existence since 1981.

Although it’s been going for over 40 years, it hasn’t always been called Motorcycle Live. In the early days it was known as the International Motorcycle and Scooter Show, before being rebranded as Motorcycle Live in 2010.

After the interruptions the Covid Pandemic imposed on us all, the show returned to Birmingham in the autumn of 2021 with a decent level of support from over 50 motorcycle and scooter manufacturers.

Although I know Yamaha wont be there, I’m hoping there will be at least as many manufacturers or more this year as there were in 2021.

Yamaha confirmed that their 2022 product line up will be presented digitally, via their online platforms… fair enough I suppose, but a poor substitute in my opinion. 

When does the show run?

The largest motorcycle show in the UK runs from 19th to 27th November with doors open between 10:00 and 17:00 each day.

Although I have been to the show a few times in the past it feels like an absolute age since I was last there.

Three years ago

I was at the show in 2016 and 2017 and despite me saying that it feels like an age since I was last at the NEC show, it was actually just three years ago (in 2019) when I was last there.

You can check out the post from the 2019 show here.

Whilst I won’t be at the show looking for a new bike I am really looking forward to seeing some of the new offerings from the major manufacturers especially the bikes from BMW stand.

Who will be there

According to the web site it looks like there will be a pretty decent range of manufactures there, although I gather that list doesn’t include Yamaha – you can see the list of exhibitors at this link.

Coming soon

Don’t forget to check back for the post show write up and pictures.