Motorcycling and the last days of summer on the BMW R9T

Motorcycling and the last days of summer on the BMW R9T

The ‘last days of summer’, the ‘last knockings of the good weather’ are words and sentiments that a number of years ago I wouldn’t have expected to be writing at this time of years as the calendar just about gets ready to tip over into November. But the seasons are certainly different now and the biking year seems to be getting extended, so hopefully a few more weeks yet before we see the frost and road salt being put down.

For a variety of reasons I just haven’t managed as many days out on my bikes as I would have liked since coming back from my second bike trip of the year to Ireland (which you can read about here if you missed it). But I was out the other  weekend for a few miles – initially heading down to the BMW showroom in Manchester, not for anything other than a browse really.

Bit of an odd looker

Parked up outside the showroom was one of the BMW CE04’s, it’s certainly different. I suppose BMW have to be applauded for what is a pretty bold design and despite it being quite a radical look I’d expect it to sell well.

I’ve read a couple of reviews and to be fair they come out as pretty positive and I suppose for a two wheel commute it could be ideal especially if you can charge it up at work.

It’s not a cheap machine

For a little under £12k for the base model to a good bit over £13k (without fast chargers etc) for the top model it certainly isn’t cheap for a commuter machine. But setting the price aside if I was changing one of my bikes for another BMW I’d have to say this wouldn’t be a contender for my two wheels of choice.



Off for a coffee

After a browse around the showroom I headed out through Stretford, doubling back towards Stockport before heading for Alderley Edge, Jodrell Bank, Holmes Chapel and onwards to the roadside cafe towards Northwich – Cafa556.

Nothing exciting just decent Cheshire back roads, a pleasant cup of coffee and some time sat in the sun thinking of absolutely nothing in particular and looking at my bike – suppose that makes for a  pretty decent time really. Life doesn’t always have to be exciting, just enjoyable, and this had been a decent few hours out.

And in another blog

From a non biking perspective my wife and I were in Ireland for a couple of weeks in September – a driving trip rather than a biking trip. I have just finished writing that trip up and there’s words and pictures over on the

If you’re thinking about or planing a biking trip to Ireland it might be if some use or interest to you. It’s a five parter and this link will take you to Part 1. Other parts link from within Part 1 and there really is loads of information on there.

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